Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages 1994

This page collects references to written accounts of work presented at the Workshop Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages, Paris, July 1994. For work that was not yet published, pointers are given to technical reports and preprints.

The report on the workshop, by Giuseppe Castagna and Gary T. Leavens, was published in ACM SIGPLAN Notices, volume 30, number 2, pages 5-11 (February 1995). You can also get it on-line as Department of Computer Science, Iowa State University, TR #94-22, November 1994.

Also available on-line is the BibTeX source for all the references from the workshop report, including those that were not directly the subject of a talk.

There is also now a paper on binary methods that emerged from the workshop. This paper was published in Theory and Practice of Object Systems 1(3):221-242, 1995.

Written Accounts of Work Presented at the Workshop

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