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Course Syllabus

The table below gives the planned syllabus for the course. This syllabus is subject to change. If it becomes necessary to revise the schedule, then this page will be updated to reflect the changes.

The references in the readings are given in the bibliography below.

Dates Topics Readings Optional Readings
Aug. 27 Introduction Handouts, Course Web Site  
Aug. 27 Paradigms   [Watt90]
Aug. 27 Course Planning    
Aug. 29 Object-Oriented Paradigm   [Budd02], [Watt90]
Aug. 29-Sept. 13 Smalltalk [Goldberg-Robson89], Ch. 1-14 [Winston97], Ch. 1-31, 38-39
Sept. 17-19 Discussion of Tuples for Multiple Dispatch, as on homework 2 [Leavens-Millstein98]  
Sept. 19 Smalltalk [Goldberg-Robson89], Ch. 1-14 [Winston97], Ch. 1-31, 38-39
Sept. 24 Object-Oriented Design   [Budd02], Ch. 3
Sept. 26 Course Review and Planning    
Sept. 26-Oct. 10 Java's Design [Gosling-McGilton96] [Arnold-Gosling-Holmes00]
Oct. 10-15 AspectJ [Kiczales-etal01], [Kiczales-etal01b] [AspectJTeam02], [Kiczales-etal97] [Kiselev03]
Oct. 17 Exam 1 [Goldberg-Robson89], Ch. 1-14 [Gosling-McGilton96] [Arnold-Gosling-Holmes00] [Budd02], (esp. Ch. 3) [Leavens-Millstein98] [Watt90] [Winston97], Ch. 1-31, 38-39
Oct. 22-24 AspectJ [Kiczales-etal01], [Kiczales-etal01b] [AspectJTeam02], [Kiczales-etal97] [Kiselev03]
Oct. 29-31 Design of Aspect Smalltalk    
Nov. 5-7 Team Work on Aspect Smalltalk Implementation, Examples    
Nov. 12 Course Review and Planning    
Nov. 12 Functional Paradigm [Hudak89] [Watt90]
Nov. 12-14 Haskell [Thompson96], Ch. 1-7, 9-10, and 12-17 [Hudak-Peterson-Fasel00], [Hudak00], [Peyton-Jones-Hughes99], [Peyton-Jones-Hughes99b], [Thompson96], Ch. 8, 11, and 18-20
Nov. 19 Monads and their relation to Aspects [Thompson96], Ch. 18  
Nov. 21 Exam 2    
Nov. 26-Nov. 28 Thanksgiving Break, no class    
Dec. 3-12 Haskell [Thompson96], Ch. 1-7, 9-10, and 12-17 [Hudak-Peterson-Fasel00], [Peyton-Jones-Hughes99], [Peyton-Jones-Hughes99b], [Thompson96], Ch. 8, 11, and 18-20
Dec. 12 Course Summary    
Dec. 12 Course Evaluations    
Fri., Dec. 20, 9:45-11:45a.m. Final Exam    

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Course Content and Policies

The course's content and grading polices are described on separate web pages. See the links on the top left of this page.

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Last modified Thursday, December 12, 2002.

This web page is for the Fall 2002 offering of Com S 541 at Iowa State University. The details of this course are subject to change as experience dictates and are still in draft form. Once the semester starts, students will be informed of any changes. Please direct any comments or questions to Gary T. Leavens at leavens@cs-DOT-iastate-DOT-edu.