Exam Schedule

See the syllabus for the exam schedule.

Exam Study Guides

As each exam approaches a study guide will be posted in the exam study guides directory listing the key topics to be covered.

Standard Exam Instructions

The following instructions will appear at the beginning of each of the exams during the semester, except that the first exam will be closed book, so that the first paragraph below won't apply to it.

This is a closed-book, closed-notes, individual effort exam. You can use one (1) page (8.5 by 11 inches, one (1) side, no less than 9pt font) of notes. Handwriting is okay. No photo-reduction is permitted. Don't use anything with printing on the other side, please. These notes are to be handed in at the end of the test. Have your name in the top right corner. Use of other notes or failure to follow these instructions will be considered cheating.

During the test, if you need more space for an answer, use the back of a page. Note when you do that on the front.

This test is timed. We will not grade your test if you try to take more than the time allowed. Therefore, before you begin, please take a moment to look over the entire test so that you can budget your time.

For programs, indentation is important to us for "clarity" points; if your code is sloppy or hard to read, you will lose points. Correct syntax also matters. Check your code over for syntax errors. You will lose points if your code has syntax errors.

Old Exams

Click here for sample exams from previous offerings of similar courses.

Click here for a directory of old exams given this semester.

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