Scheme Library

Getting Library Files

You can download individual files from the course Scheme library from $PUB/lib/.

From departmental Unix machines, you can also access the library files via the following command:

$ PUB=/home/course/cs342/public/
$ cd $PUB/lib

Note: In code examples, green text is program output, yellow bold text is user input, and cyan text is sample code.

However, a more reliable way to get the library files is to download a .zip file containing the course library. That zip file contains all the files, except that it does not contain the following file:

This last file is not included because it must be customized to your machine. So it must be downloaded individually and customized once. After that you should never have to download it again. Comments in this file indicate what to change to customize it.

Getting Homework Files

You will also need to separately download the homework directory to your machine. We provide a zip file containing all of the homeworks and their tests. You need to edit the path to the homework directory that this file contains into your copy of localize.scm.

Getting Scripts to Run the Course's Type Checker

Finally, to run the type checker you will need either shell scripts or batch files from $PUB/bin. If you are using the Chez Scheme interpreter, then do whichever of the following applies to you:

If you are using SCM instead of Chez Scheme, then you should use the appropriate set of scripts that start with "scm" instead of "scheme". For example, if you are using Mac OS X and SCM, then edit to suit your install the files: $PUB/bin/scm, $PUB/bin/scm342, $PUB/bin/scm342typed, and $PUB/bin/scm342untyped.

Whatever scripts you use, be sure to place them somewhere on your PATH so that they can be found from the command line. On Unix or Mac OS X, be sure that they are also made executable.

If you are having trouble with the scripts finding SLIB, then be sure that you have edited the appropriate copy of the scheme or scm scripts to define and export the environment variable SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH.

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