Exam Schedule

See the syllabus for the exam schedule.

General Guidance for Exam Questions

The course's assessment plan has a generic set of questions that are useful for studying for exams. You may also find the self-tests for the relevant chapters useful. Finally, the code examples web page provides examples for the material that may be helpful in studying.

Exam Study Guides

As each exam approaches, a study guide will appear in the links below.

  1. Study guide for exam 1. See also the self-test for chapter 1 and the self-test for chapter 2.
  2. Study guide for exam 2. See also the self-test for chapter 3.
  3. Generic makeup work prescription for exam 2. Look at this if you are interested in taking a makeup for exam 2. See also the Study guide for exam 2 and the self-test for chapter 3.
  4. Study guide for exam 3. See also the self-test for chapter 4.
  5. Study guide for exam 4. See also the self-test for chapter 5 and the self-test for chapter 9.

Standard Exam Instructions

The following instructions will appear in the instructions for each of the exams.

During the test, if you need more space for an answer, use the back of a page. Note when you do that on the front.

This test is timed. We will not grade your test if you try to take more than the time allowed. Therefore, before you begin, please take a moment to look over the entire test so that you can budget your time.

Old Exams

The old-exams directory contains directories of old exams given in this and previous semesters. This includes the directory old-exams/Fall06, which contains old exams given for a graduate course when Gary was at Iowa State.

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