EEL 5708 - High Performance Computer Architectures

Fall 2005

Instructor: Dr. Lotzi Bölöni
Office: ENGR - 444
Phone: 407-823-2320
Web Site:
The assignments and the other announcements will be posted on the course web site
Classroom: Engr I. 388
Class Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30 - 9:20
Office Hours: Monday 9:30-12:30, Tuesday 3:00-6:00 or by appointment
TA: Rashad Oreifej
Pre-requisites: An undergraduate level course in computer organization. Assembly programming. Basic knowledge of digital logic and microprocessors.
If you are not confident that you have the pre-requisites, a good catch-up book is:
David A. Patterson, John L. Hennessy: Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface, Third Edition
Text: Patterson, Hennessy: Computer Architecture, A Quantitative Approach third edition
Streaming video: TBD
Grading: Homework: 20 %
Midterm Exam: 30 %
Final Exam: 50 %

Standard 90/80/70/60 scale will be used for final grades (curved if necessary)

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Lecture Notes, Readings, Homeworks
Aug. 22
Introductory Quiz
[slides] Introduction
Aug. 24
-Two case studies
Aug. 26
The big picture
[slides] The Big Picture,
[reading] Amdahl et. al. on the IBM 360
Aug. 29
-Instruction sets
[slides] Review: Instruction sets,
[reading] Richard Russel: The Cray-1 Computer System,
Homework 1
Aug. 31
-Instruction sets

Sep. 2
-Assembly language programming

Sep. 5
Labor day

Sep. 7
Basic pipelining
[slides] Review: Pipelining

Sept 9.

Sept 12.
Sep. 14
Homework 1 due
Sep. 16
Branch alternatives
Sep. 19
Instruction level paralelism
-loop unrolling
[slides] Instruction level parallelism
Sep. 21
-Dynamic branch prediction with Tomasulo's algorithm
[slides] Tomasulo's algorithm
Sep. 23

Sep. 26

Sep. 28

Sep. 30 -Speculation
[slides] Speculation
[reading] J.E.Smith and A.R. Pleszkun: Implementing precise interrupts in pipelined processors
Oct. 3

Oct 5.
-Superscalar processors Homework 2
Oct. 7

Oct. 10
Midterm review session
Oct. 12
Oct. 14
-Memory technology [slides] Memory technology
Oct. 17
-Caches [slides] Caches
Oct. 19

Oct. 21

Oct. 24

Oct. 26
Homework 2 due
Oct. 28

Oct. 31

Nov. 2

Nov. 4
Main memory organization
[slides] Main memory
Nov. 7
Multiprocessor systems
[slides] Multiprocessors

Nov. 9

Homework 3
Nov. 11
Veteran's day

Nov. 14
[slides] NUMA
Nov. 16

Nov. 18

Nov. 21

Nov. 23

Nov. 25
Day after Thanksgiving

Nov. 28

Nov. 30
Networking and cluster computers. Case study: Google.
[slides] Clusters. Google.
Homework 3 due

Dec. 2
Final exam review

Final Exam


The grades are posted using the last 5 digits of your "employee id/student id" number.