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The links in the first section cover some assorted topics and data that I have collected over the years. I receive many questions from students and in reading my teaching evaluations, there always seem to be some misunderstandings about why I do certain things as well as incorrect information about my classes (such as grade distributions). Hopefully, by posting this information, I can clear up some of those misunderstandings and also give students a better idea of what to expect when they take a course with me. Some of the links below will simply be files of data that should be self-explanatory, while other links will be pages that contain some explanations and data.

The links in the second section are the archives of all the courses I have taught at UCF. My goal for each course was to post both assignments and exams. For some courses I have extra files, such as course notes or recitation worksheets. I have posted these files to give students and other teachers ideas for type of questions one could ask on the topics in these courses. Hence, I have not posted solutions, in case I or other teachers would like to use these ideas in creating questions in the future. Students can still learn a great deal by using these questions as study materials. Student-created solutions can often simply be tested by running them (if they are code).


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