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This page is a means of sharing information about the teaching of the concepts of programming languages, especially undergraduate survey courses and courses about programming language semantics. It is hoped that the information shared will include homework and test problems, which will make everyone's life a bit easier. (It may be best not to allow access to solutions from outside your college or university, however.)

This page will not include information about courses aimed at teaching some specific programming language (as a means of teaching programming skills). Also outside the scope of this page will be information about courses in compiler construction. (I'm hoping someone else will volunteer to keep such pages.)

If you wish to share information about one or more of your courses please see the information about how to contribute.

Available Course Information

Various academics have made information about their courses available on the world-wide web (WWW). These professors are often willing to share homework and test problems with others, but see their individual pages for details.

To access information about specific courses, choose one of the following, and then choose the textbook that interests you, or browse.

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