Contents of Foundations of Component-Based Systems

edited by Gary T. Leavens and Murali Sitaraman. © 2000, Cambridge University Press, New York, NY.

  1. Component Software and the Way Ahead
    by Clemens Szyperski

    Frameworks and Architectures

  2. Key Concepts in Architecture Definition Languages
    by David C. Luckham, James Vera, and Sigurd Meldal
  3. Acme: Architectural Description of Component-Based Systems
    by David Garlan, Robert T. Monroe, and David Wile
  4. A Formal Language for Composition
    by Markus Lumpe, Franz Achermann, and Oscar Nierstrasz
  5. A Semantic Foundation for Specification Matching
    by Yonghao Chen and Betty H. C. Cheng

    Object-Based Specification and Verification

  6. Concepts of Behavioral Subtyping and a Sketch of Their Extension to Component-Based Systems
    by Gary T. Leavens and Krishna Kishore Dhara
  7. Modular Specification and Verification Techniques for Object-Oriented Software Components
    by Peter Müller and Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter
  8. Respectful Type Converters for Mutable Types
    by Jeannette M. Wing and John Ockerbloom

    Formal Methods and Semantics

  9. A Formal Model for Componentware
    by Klaus Bergner, Andreas Rausch, Marc Sihling, Alexander Vilbig, and Manfred Broy
  10. Toward a Normative Theory for Component-Based System Design and Analysis
    by David S. Gibson, Bruce W. Weide, Scott M. Pike, and Stephen H. Edwards
  11. An Implementation-Oriented Semantics for Module Composition
    by Joseph A. Goguen and Will Tracz

    Reactive and Distributed Systems

  12. Composition of Reactive System Components
    by Kevin Lano, Juan Bicarregui, Tom Maibaum, and Jose Fiadeiro
  13. Using I/O Automata for Developing Distributed Systems
    by Stephen J. Garland and Nancy Lynch

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