FOAL 2012 Agenda

Monday, 26 March 2012
Hasso-Plattner-Institute Potsdam, Germany, room HS-2

Session 1 (Welcome and Invited Talk)


Session Chair: Gary T. Leavens —University of Central Florida, USA
Welcome and introductions (20 minutes)

Shmuel Katz —Technion–Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Gary T. Leavens —University of Central Florida, USA

Hidehiko Masuhara —University of Tokoyo, Japan

Towards Typesafe Jointpoints for Modular Reasoning in Aspect-Oriented Programs (Invited Keynote) (60 minutes + 10 minutes discussion)
[Slides (PDF)]

Eric Bodden —Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany

Break—Coffee, Informal Discussions


Session 2 (Papers: Scoping and modularity)


Session Chair: Atsushi Igarashi—Kyoto University, Japan
Taming Aspects with Membranes (30 minutes + 5 minutes discussion)

Éric Tanter —University of Chile, Chile

Nicolas Tabareau —INRIA Nantes, France

Rémi Douence —INRIA Nantes, France

Design by Contract for Aspects, by Aspects (30 minutes + 5 minutes discussion)

Tim Molderez —University of Antwerp, Belgium

Dirk Janssens —University of Antwerp, Belgium

Modular Reasoning about Region Composition (15 minutes + 5 minutes discussion)

Thomas Cottenier —UniqueSoft, USA

Aswin van den Berg —UniqueSoft, USA

Thomas Weigert —Missouri University of S&T, USA

Lunch—Informal Discussions


Session 3 (Papers: Flexible implemetation and analysis)


Session Chair: Eric Bodden—Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany
A Practical Monadic Aspect Weaver (30 minutes + 5 minutes discussion)

Ismael Figueroa —University of Chile, Chile

Éric Tanter —University of Chile, Chile

Nicolas Tabareau —INRIA, France

An Evolutionary Self-Replicating Algorithm to Flexibly Match Execution Traces (30 minutes + 5 minutes discussion)
[Slides (PDF)]

Paul Leger —University of Chile, Chile

Éric Tanter —University of Chile, Chile

Event Type Polymorphism (15 minutes + 5 minutes discussion)
[Slides (PDF)]

Rex D. Fernando —Iowa State University, USA

Robert Dyer —Iowa State University, USA

Hridesh Rajan —Iowa State University, USA

Break—Coffee, Informal Discussions


Session 4 (Papers and Discussion: New semantic applications)


Session Chair: Shmuel Katz —Technion–Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Architectural Point Mapping for Design Traceability (30 minutes + 5 minutes discussion)

Naoyasu Ubayashi —Kyushu University, Japan

Yasutaka Kamei —Kyushu University, Japan

Exploiting aspects in MBT (15 minutes + 5 minutes discussion)

Külli Sarna —ELIKO Competence Centre in Electronics-, Info- and Communication Technologies, Estonia

Jüri Vain —Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Open discussion (35 minutes)

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