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This is the home page of the Fall 2004 offering of Com S 362 at Iowa State University, as taught by Gary T. Leavens.

Date News Item
new news item 12/16/2004 Final grades are now available. These reflect grades through homeworks 9 and 10 and are what is being submitted to the registrar. Have a good break.
11/19/2004 As mentioned in class today, you can use JML to write contracts that record detailed designs for your project's Java code. The are many tools you can use for this effort. The basic tools for type checking and compiling JML-annotated code are available also in a plugin for Eclipse. While not available inside Eclipse, the ESC/Java 2 is an easy to use tool that helps find common problems, like null pointer exceptions, in Java code.
10/20/2004 Learning outcomes for this course, based on the department's desired learning outcomes for the B.S. degree, have been added to the course web pages. These are also linked with the course's objectives.
9/29/2004 See the page of student project links, that have been submitted as part of homework 5.
9/17/2004 See the page of potential student project visions.
8/30/2004 The Running Java web page now has a section on the Eclipse installation error discussed in class.
2/11/2003 You can get all of the details on Java's syntax from the Java Language Specification Second Edition (Addison-Wesley, 2000). See also the Java section of the course resources page.

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