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This is the home page of the Spring 2004 offering of Com S 342 at Iowa State University, as taught by Gary T. Leavens.

Date News Item
new news item 5/10/2004 Corrected final grades are be found in the Section A or Section B grade links on the left. You will need the password sent to you in email to access them. Note that, just today, we corrected an overestimate produced by incorrect exercise grades. This may have lowered your grade slightly, especially if you had handed in all of the exercises.
new news item 5/10/2004 The final exam was graded out of 95 points instead of 100. You can pick up your graded final exam after 1pm today from Gary's office (229 Atanasoff).
key news item 4/28/2004 See the exams page for a study guide for the final exam, a practice exam, and its answers.
key news item 4/27/2004 The lecture on Tuesday was about aspect-oriented programming. The interpreter for this is in $PUB/lib/aop-3-7.scm. See also the syllabus.
key news item 1/29/2004 There is now a zip file containing all of the homeworks and their tests You need to edit the path to the homework directory that this file contains into your copy of localize.scm. See also the course's Scheme library page.
key news item 1/23/2004 As mentioned in class, the course the course resources web page's Scheme section has links to the defining document for Scheme, the Revised^5 Report on Scheme.

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This web page is for the Spring 2004 offering of Com S 342 at Iowa State University. The details of this course are subject to change as experience dictates. You will be informed of any changes. Thanks to Curtis Clifton for help with these web pages. Please direct any comments or questions to Gary T. Leavens at leavens@cs-DOT-iastate-DOT-edu (after replacing -DOT- with `.').