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Principles of Programming Langauges, Computer Science 342, Fall 2001

This is the home page of a new offering of Com S 342 at Iowa State University, as taught in Fall 2001 by Gary T. Leavens.

Date News Item
new news item 12/19/2001 If you want to pick up your graded exam, you can get it from Prof. Leavens's office (229 Atanasoff), even during the next semester. Solutions to the exam will be posted outside 229 Atanasoff on Monday. Have a good holiday season.

Questions and Answers

Often a student will ask a question that provokes an answer of use to other students. When this happens, in addition to answering the student directly, we will post the question and answer on the Q & A page. Urgent answers will also be sent to the course mailing list.


We will regularly send course-related email to your department Unix account. You are responsible for reading email on this account at least once per day during the week. If it is not convenient for you to read email on this account you are responsible for forwarding your email to a more convenient location.

Last modified Monday, January 12, 2004.

This web page is for the Fall 2001 offering of Com S 342 at Iowa State University. The details of this course are subject to change as experience dictates. You will be informed of any changes. Thanks to Curtis Clifton for help with these web pages. Please direct any comments or questions to Gary Leavens at leavens@cs-DOT-iastate-DOT-edu.