What are the restricted electives for the BS in Data Science?

There is no list of restricted electives for the BS in Data Science. An elective can be any course numbered 3000 or above that is not used to fulfill some other degree requirement. Note: what you may see as courses in your degree audit that can be used as electives are simply some courses that people often use as electives: you are not limited to those courses.

What elective courses should I take for my BS in Data Science degree?

You should take as elective courses some courses that fulfill the above conditions that are of interest to you. You might consider using electives to pursue a minor, for example.

Can I count [some course] as an elective in my BS in Data Science degree program?

Yes, I will most likely approve the course as an elective if the course has the following two properties:

  1. It has a course number that is at least 3000, and
  2. It is not used to satisfy a degree requirement for your BS in Data Science program.

Is there a recommended sequence of courses for the BS in Data Science?

There are many alternatives contained in the UCF Undergraduate Catalog for the Data Science B.S. Degree, but we do have sample 4-year plan that may give you some ideas.

What semesters will [a class] be offered in?

See the class offerings file for details

I want to take a course this semester because [the reason doesn't matter], but I don't have the prerequisite for that course, can I do that?

No, you would have to get permission from the instructor of the course to take the course without the stated prerequisite(s) in the UCF catalog, and even if you manage to convince the instructor, the college might still deny your enrollment, as they watch to make sure there are no prerequisite violations. The prerequisite(s) in the catalog are there to make sure you will be successful in the course. For all these reasons, it would be best if you wait until you have completed the prerequisite(s).

I will be taking a lot of courses in other fields for the BS in Data Science degree, are there any minors I could get at the same time?

Yes, the following are some closely related minors:

How do I change my major or minor at UCF?

You declare your major or register for a minor on my.ucf.edu (see registrar.ucf.edu/change-of-major/). See also the College of Science's guide to declaring or changing your major.

If I change my major to Data Science, can I change my mind later and change it back to what it was before?

Yes, you can switch majors as long as the degree program you are changing into allows it. For example, if you left the Computer Science (CS) degree program and wanted to switch back to CS, you would be able to unless you were not allowed to change your major to CS (e.g., because you did not pass the CS Foundation Exam in the required time period).

Will my Bright Futures scholarship be affected by switching majors?

Bright Futures is good for 120 credit hours and one major, so if you use up 120 credits, then it will no longer pay for classes.

Can I take courses at another college or university and transfer the credits to UCF.

Courses within the Florida State University System should transfer if they have the same course number. However, you will need to apply to become a "transient student" at FloridaShines. According to that web page: "Students who are enrolled in one state college or university, but take a course at another state college or university are called transient students." Applying is needed to obtain UCF's approval to transfer the credits. For more information see the web page at the registrar's office about Outgoing Transient Students.

How do I get my course(s) to transfer to UCF? How can I get a course I took elsewhere to count towards the BS in Data Science?

UCF uses the my.ucf.edu system to start the transfer evaluation process. You would upload the syllabi for the course you want to transfer to UCF into your myUCF student portal and then you will be directed to the right person for evaluation of your transfer. The right person will generally be the undergraduate coordinator for the department offering the course at UCF that you want to transfer.

What is the correct prerequisite for STA 4365? The catalog says it's STA 4038, but there is no such course.

The prerequisite for STA 4365 should be STA 4364

Does UCF have a way to help me find an internship?

Yes, contact Chinyen Chuo (at Chinyen.Chuo@ucf.edu) of UCF's Office of Experiential Learning. You can schedule appointments via Handshake or call 407-823-5000.

Does UCF have a way to help me find a job?

Yes, contact UCF's Career Services office.

What graduate degrees could I take in the future with a BS in Data Science?

The most directly related degrees are in Data Science, but for historical reasons, they have different names in the UCF graduate catalog:

There are also other degrees in other areas to consider that are fairly closely related:

When can I register for the next semester?

See the UCF Academic Calendar and select the semester you wish to register for from the "Select Term" box (at the upper right). Then search for "Enrollment Appointment" in the calendar. The link you find will take you to my.ucf.edu where you can make an appointment.

Are there competitions I can participate in to learn more and gain recognition for my skills?

Yes, indeed! An important online competition is run by Kaggle.com. The department of Statistics and Data Science also holds an annual competition.

Who should I talk to if I have further questions about the Bachelor of Data Science degree program?

Talk to Gary Leavens, who may best be reached by email to set up an appointment at Leavens@ucf.edu.

How does the UCF Math Placement Test work (so I can register for MAC 2311)?

See the University Testing Center's Math Placement Test page for more information.

How does the UCF Computer Science Placement Test work (so I can register for COP 3223C)?

See the Computer Science Placement Test page for more information.

Can I retake the Computer Science Placement Test?

No, in general, the department of Computer Science doesn’t allow students to retake the CS Placement Test. However, you can take COP 2500C by simply registering for it, and then COP 3223C after that if you wish. (If you feel that you have enough programming experience already so that you don’t want to take COP 2500C, then you can ask the instructor of COP 3223C for an override after you explain your situation to the instructor.)

How do I get an override for my course so I can register?

First, see if you really need an override. If you are on the waiting list for a course enrollment, then you just have to wait for people to drop the class. (Don't ask for a special exception to get ahead of others on the waitlist.) If a class is not being offered this semester (check the table of class offerings), or if you do not have the prerequisites for a class but have more time in your degree program to take the prerequisites, then wait and take the prerequisites. Otherwise, speak to Gary Leavens about it, talk with the instructor teaching the course, and follow the directions below, depending on which college is offering the course in the semester you want an override:

Why can't I enroll in Computer Science I (COP 3502C)? I have passed EGN 3211, and the prerequisites in the UCF Undergraduate Catalog for COP 3502C say that I need either COP 3223C or EGN 3211...

If you were ejected, due to lack of satisfactory progress, from the college of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS), then you will need an override to get into COP 3502C, as in that case the college would prohibit enrollment in any of its courses, such as COP 3502C. So, you will need an override to enroll in COP 3502C. See the procedure for overrides of CECS courses above, and note that the undergraduate advisor for the department offering the course (Computer Science) is (as of this writing) Dr. Mark Heinrich.

Can I still graduate if I haven't taken any classes in summer semesters?

Yes, fill out the summer waiver form and explain why you need the waiver.

What are some professional organizations I can become a member of to learn more about Data Science?

The American Statistical Organization has as its mission "promoting the practice and profession of statistics". They promote themselves as "the big tent for Statistics and Data Science" and they have over 40 sections and interest groups. They also have some career resources and several journals and other publications.

Where can I find out about paying for excess credit hours towards my degree?

See the UCF registrar's Excess Credit Hour Surcharge page.

Can I do a study abroad program through UCF if my major is Data Science?

Yes! See the UCF Abroad pages and talk to Nicholas Schenk (Nicholas.Schenk@ucf.edu) about the details. (In the BS in Data Science program, you may need to set up an appointment using Nicholas Schenk's email.)

Is the BS in Data Science the same as the Business Analytics program at UCF?

No, that is run by the UCF College of Business Administration. See their page about the BSBA degree in Business Analytics for more information.

Can I transfer credits from study.com to UCF?

No, UCF does not recognize it to give transfer credit.

Is there a map for UCF?

Yes, there is an online PDF campus map available with a parking guide.