Haiyan (Nancy) Hu

Associate Professor

Computer Science Department

University of Central Florida

Office: HEC-233

Phone: 407-882-0134
Email: haihu at cs.ucf.edu
Mail: UCF, 4000 Central Florida Blvd, Harris Engineering Center, Bldg. 116, Room 233, Orlando, Fl. 32816-2005


Lab Page

Research Interests




         Bioinformatics/Computational Biology

        Data Mining; Machine Learning; Pattern Recognition

Grants & Projects




         Computational study of non-coding RNAs

         Computational methods to study epigenetic and genetic regulation

         Genome-Phenome Association

         Big and Small Data mining, Machine Learning and Statistical Pattern Recognition

        <<<Graduate and Undergraduate Research Assisant Positions are available in areas including data mining, machine learning, pattern recognition, modeling and simulation, bioinformatics and computational biology. For interested students, please read here>>>





         CAP5510 Introduction to Bioinformatics

         CAP 6545 Machine Learning in Bioinformatics

         CAP 6938 Advanced Topics in Machine Learning

         COT3100H Introduction to Discrete Structures (Honors)

         CAP6938 Graphs and Networks in Computational Biology

        COT3100 Introduction to Discrete Structures

        CAP6938 Data Mining in Bioinformatics

        COP 3503 Computer Science II (CS2)





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