Personal projects; paper reading
Lecture 19

Table of Contents

Questions on compiler project?

Personal project

What special topics should we cover?

Tentative list

  • Compiler optimizations
    • Local optimizations (within a function)
    • Global optimizations
    • Verification and correctness
  • Program analysis
    • Analyzing control flow
    • Analyzing data flow
    • How bug finders work
  • Software security
  • My lab's research

Paper reading crash course

Big three things to look out for

  1. Problem: what's the problem and why is it important?
  2. Solution: what's the solution and how is it new and different?
  3. Contributions: what are the contributions and limitations?

Paper summaries

  • Write up a one paragraph summary of the paper
  • The paragraph should include
    • A one sentence summary
    • Key strengths and weaknesses
    • Something that is important to you

Reading list and tips

  • This will be filled out as the special topics section progresses

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Created: 2022-03-23 Wed 12:08