COP-5611 Operating Systems Design Principles

Table of Contents


Finding the homework problems and code:

  • Get the homework code repository
  • Find the homework problems in the given chapter of OSTEP
  • For problems requiring you to run code, find where that code is here
  • Submit your answers to webcourses

Homework is assigned on the same day the topic is covered and due the following week (see the syllabus for detailed information about due dates and grading).


Topic 3

  • Chapter 4, 1-4
  • Chapter 5 (code), 1-3

Topic 4

  • Chapter 13 (code) choose six to do out of 1-8
  • Chapter 14 (code) 1-2, 6-7 (valgrind is optional)
  • Chapter 15 (simulation) choose 2 out of 1-5

Topic 5

  • Chapter 17 (simulation) 1-7

Topic 6

Setup a virtual machine with virtualbox and vagrant on your computer.

  • Install VirtualBox https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads
  • Install Vagrant https://www.vagrantup.com/downloads
  • Setup and use the virtual machine

    1. Open your command-line shell
    2. Create and navigate to a new folder
    3. Run vagrant init ubuntu/bionic64 to initialize the VM
    4. Run vagrant up to boot the VM
    5. Run vagrant ssh to enter your box
    6. /vagrant is synced to the folder where you put the Vagrantfile (cd /vagrant)
    7. exit or Ctrl-D to leave the ssh session
    8. To shutdown the machine, vagrant ssh to enter the box again and use sudo shutdown -h now. Alternatively, use vagrant halt to force a shutdown when not logged into the VM.
    9. (optional) vagrant destroy will tear down the VM, making it no longer useable.

    If you are not running GNU/Linux, you may want to use the VM for homework exercises.

    Once finished the above steps (except for 9) write “I have installed and used virtualbox and vagrant, and created, started, and stopped a virtual machine as described in the homework” in the homework answer.

Topic 7

  • Chapter 26 (Simulation) 1-6
  • Chapter 27 (Code) (OPTIONAL) 1-4
  • Chapter 32 1-4

Topic 8

  • Chapter 39 (Code) 1, 2
  • Chapter 40 (Simulation) 1, 2

Topic 9

  • Chapter 48 (Code) 1

Topic 10

Use gpg to encrypt this message with this public key . Be sure to use the ASCII armor flag --armor to be sure the output is ASCII text. Submit this encrypted file for the homework.

Author: Paul Gazzillo

Created: 2021-03-19 Fri 00:28