DARPA ASIST: Artificial Social Intelligence to support Macrocognition in Teams

The concept of the networked battlefield has been at the forefront of mil- itary thinking for over two decades now. First it came as a futuristic concept with thinkers imagining the power of the internet leveraged to enhance command decision making. Then it evolved to encompass wireless technology and how that could directly connect the warfighter to augment real-time situation awareness. Now we are at the place where semi-autonomous and, soon, autonomous, systems are commonplace on the battlefield. When envisioning future teaming, we must look further than the internet. What is required is a scientific research program that does more than 'connect' human and technological capabilities. In the coming decades, the warfighter of the 21st century will be more akin to a cybernetic super-organism where technology is not merely a tool of the team, but is, inherently, a member of the team. This is our vision. The goal of such a vision is both a symbiotic and a synergistic relationship between human and machine. We envision a relationship between warfighter and technology that is symbiotic because they will learn from each other. With present day human-human teams, member collaboration over repeated interaction episodes, informs knowledge of their task, their situation, and teammates. The most promising vision for future hybrid human-machine teams is to design them such that they learn from each other to develop and evolve over time to achieve team expertise.
Plos One
Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
Artificial Social Intelligence for Successful Teams (ASIST), PM: Dr. Joshua Elliott
Award Number: W911NF2010008
Principal Investigator: Stephen M. Fiore
Co Principal Investigator: Ivan Garibay
October 2019-December 2023
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Stephen M. Fiore Stephen M. Fiore
University of Central Florida
Department of Philosophy

Florian Jentsch Florian Jentsch
Professor and Chair
University of Central Florida
Department of Psychology

Gita Reese Sukthankar Gita Reese Sukthankar
Associate Professor
University of Central Florida
Department of Computer Science