Afsah Anwar

PhD Student

Hello! I am a fourth year Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

At UCF, I am a member of the Security Analytics Research Lab (SEAL), and advised by Prof. Aziz Mohaisen. I am leading various research projects in the area of computer systems security. In particular, I pursue building automation tools for analyzing large-scale vulnerabilities in the context of software systems, mobile systems, and Internet of Things. With my work, I aim to understand the granular identifiable entity of Linux malware and their family by leveraging capabilities static analysis, dynamic analysis, data analysis, and machine learning. My goal is to build an automated vulnerability discovery systems for binaries.

I obtained my Bachelors of Technology degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), in New Delhi, India. In between, I worked at Infosys, with Apple, as a data analyst.

When not doing research I like to cook, scroll through memes, hike, or watch non-fiction. If you aren't on a strict diet, ask me about food options in Delhi.

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Software Security, Mobile and Pervasive Computing Security, Malware, Privacy


Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Technology

Vulnerability Economics

Impact of vulnerabilities on software vendors


Statically Dissecting Internet of Things Malware: Analysis, Characterization, and Detection

Afsah Anwar, Hisham Alasmary, Jeman Park, An Wang, Songqing Chen, and David Mohaisen

International Conference on Information and Communications Security, ICICS 2020

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Understanding the Hidden Cost of Software Vulnerabilities: Measurements and Predictions

Afsah Anwar, Aminollah Khormali, and David Mohaisen

EAI International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks, SecureComm 2018

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Soteria: Detecting Adversarial Examples in Control Flow Graph-based Malware Classifiers

Hisham Alasmary, Ahmed Abusnaina, Rhongho Jang, Mohammed Abuhamad, Afsah Anwar, DaeHun Nyang, and David Mohaisen

IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, ICDCS 2020

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Analyzing and Detecting Emerging Internet of Things Malware: A Graph-based Approach

Hisham Alasmary, Aminollah Khormali, Afsah Anwar, Jeman Park, Jinchun Choi, Ahmed Abusnaina, Amro Awad, DaeHun Nyang, and David Mohaisen

IEEE Internet of Things Journal, IoTJ 2019

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Adversarial Learning Attacks on Graph-based IoT Malware Detection Systems

Ahmed Abusnaina, Amin Khormali, Hisham Alasmary, Jeman Park, Afsah Anwar, and David Mohaisen

IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, ICDCS 2019

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July 2020: Serving in the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS 2020) virtual task force.

July 2020: Paper on IoT malware has been accepted for publication at International Conference on Information and Communications Security (ICICS 2020). Was scheduled to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, but it now being held online.

May 2020: I was supposed to join HP security lab as an intern, but, it is postponed due to the pandemic emergency. I look forward to working with the great team at HP in future!

Feb 2020: I will be joining HP security lab in the Summer of 2020. At HP, I will be working in their Malware lab.

December 2019: Volunteered at International Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies (CoNEXT 2019) at University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida.

August 2019: Attending USENIX Security Symposium (usesec 2019) in Santa Clara, CA.

May 2019: I will be joining University of Southern California - Information Sciences Institute (USC-ISI) as an intern for the Summer 2019. At ISI, I will be working on automating vulnerability discovery. I will be advised by Christophe Hauser and Jelena Mirkovic.

Contact. skype: afsahanwar
  • R1-367,
  • Department of Computer Science,
  • University of Central Florida