Department of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science

CS Highly Ranked in Computer Vision, Visualization, HCI and other areas
Sun, October 22, 2017:

According to the website, which ranks research in Computer Science based on papers published in very prestigious and highly-selective conferences, UCF ranks 6th in the US (and 11th in the world) in Computer Vision, 20th in the US (and 31st in the world) in Visualization, and 20th in the US (and 37th in the world) in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Other rankings in the detailed research areas for Computer Science research are detailed in the following table:

Area US Rank World Rank
Computer Vision 6 11
Visualization 20 31
HCI 20 37
Robotics 38 69
Comp. Bio. and Bioinformatics 41 65
Web and Info. Retrieval 51 100
Computer Networks 52 77
Natural Lang. Processing 55 98
Machine Learning and Data Mining 58 102
Measurement & Performance Analysis 59 88
Software Engineering 59 109
Computer Graphics 59 114
Embedded and Real-time Systems 63 102
AI 65 129
Algorithms & Complexity 67 139
Computer Security 72 120
Databases 74 143
Mobile Computing 77 109

It is also interesting to look at the 4 summary areas, where UCF's rankings are:

Overall UCF ranks 57 in the US and 97 in the world for CS research according at

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