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Department of Computer Science
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Millican Hall is home to UCF's Graduate Admissions
"Millican Hall, one of UCF's oldest buildings, is home to UCF's Graduate Admissions."

For information on general UCF graduate admissions requirements that apply to all prospective students, please visit the Admissions section of the Graduate Catalog. Applicants must apply online. All requested materials must be submitted by the established deadline.

The College of Engineering and Computer Science strongly encourages prospective applicants to request a free pre-screening ( of their qualifications prior to submitting an online application for graduate admission. However, a pre-screening is not required; rather, it is offered as a courtesy to all prospective applicants before they commit to submitting a complete online application and paying an application processing fee.

Admissions decisions are made on the basis of a complete online application only, and not on the basis of any pre-screening. Prospective applicants who are encouraged to apply to their intended graduate program based on the information provided for their pre-screening are not assured of admission or financial assistance when they submit a complete online application. Although it is possible, it is not likely, that prospective applicants who are discouraged from formally applying to a graduate program at the pre-screening stage will be admitted if they elect to submit a complete online application anyway.

An undergraduate degree in Computer Science is desirable but not required. Applicants without a strong undergraduate background in Computer Science must demonstrate an understanding of the material covered in upper-division undergraduate courses listed under the Articulation Section of the Curriculum Information. Applicants may choose to demonstrate their knowledge of these courses by taking these courses as non-degree seeking and scoring "B" or better in all of them.

In addition to the general UCF graduate application requirements, applicants to this program must provide:

MS Requirements Ph.D. Requirements
  • • One official transcript (in a sealed envelope) from each college/university attended.
  • • Official, competitive GRE score taken within the last five years.
  • • Résumé
  • • Letters of recommendation (encouraged but not required)
  • • One official transcript (in a sealed envelope) from each college/university attended.
  • • Official, competitive GRE score taken within the last five years.
  • • Résumé,
  • • Statement of educational, research, and professional career objectives.
  • • Three letters of recommendation.

Faculty members may choose to conduct face-to-face or telephone interviews before accepting an applicant into their research program.

Outstanding students with a bachelor’s degree are encouraged to apply directly into the doctoral program. Admission to the PhD program is formalized by the university upon the recommendation of the Computer Science Graduate Coordinator.

Phone: (407) 823-2766
Online Application
Graduate Admissions

UCF Graduate Studies Mailing Address
UCF Graduate Studies
Millican Hall 230
PO Box 160112
Orlando, FL 32816-0112

Institution Codes
GRE: 5233
GMAT: RZT (College Code: 9R)
TOEFL: 5233

All application materials must be submitted by the appropriate deadline listed below.
Computer Science MS and PhD *Fall
Fall Spring Summer
Domestic Applicants Jan 15 Jul 15 Dec 1 -
International Applicants Jan 15 Jan 15 Jul 1 -
International Transfer Applicants Jan 15 Mar 1 Sep1 -
*Applicants who plan to enroll full time in a degree program and who wish to be considered for university fellowships or assistantships should apply by the Fall Priority date.

Q:  What are the ideal GRE and TOEFL scores for admission to the Department of Computer Science?
A:  Ideal GRE scores would be Quant 160 or more and Verbal 150 or more; however these are not firm and we also review your application. The minimum University TOEFL requirement is 80.

Q:  Can I apply to both the MS and PhD programs in the Department of Computer Science?
A:  You must choose to apply to one of our programs based on your career objectives and interests.

Q:  How do I decide which program I must apply to at your department?
A:  The College of Engineering and Computer Science offers a free pre-screen application, available on the College website: However, it is optional and you can apply directly to the Graduate program you wish to pursue.

Q:  Should I send my supporting documents directly to Computer Science Department?
A:  No. Our department cannot review your documents directly. You need to send all your supporting documents to Admission Office of College of Graduate Studies for evaluation. They can be contacted via email at

Q:  Will my application be reviewed if I submit unofficial marksheets/transcripts?
A:  No. You need to send all your University attested/official transcripts and marksheets to our College of Graduate Studies to be considered for admission to the graduate programs.

Q:  Can I still apply and be considered for a term when the deadline has already passed?
A:  Only completed/submitted applications prior to the deadline will be considered for admission to our Graduate program.

Q:  Can I send my official/attested documents even though the deadline has passed?
A:  Yes. Our department continues to review incoming applications for a period of time after the deadline has passed but you are advised to send all your documents before the deadline for an early decision on your application.

Q:  I am admitted to the PhD program. Does that mean I will be offered financial support?
A:  The admission to the PhD program is separated from financial support. You can interact with professors in your area of interest and find out GRA or GTA opportunities with them. For very competitive University-wide Fellowships, your professor needs to nominate you which then is reviewed by a committee.