CS Rankings Incentive Program

This CS Research Incentive (CSRI) program is meant to encourage students to publish in top conferences in their research area. The goal is to increase outward visibility and recognition of our CS department and improve the strength of our brand. In turn, we hope that CSRI indirectly leads to more high-quality applications to the CS Ph.D. program, and increases the success rates of CS faculty members when competing for external grants. Currently, we recognize the conferences that appear in http://csrankings.org/, which were suggested by the research community as some of the most prestigious in respective fields.

Note for students:

To be eligible for this incentive, the following criteria must be met:

Receiving incentive awards does not confer a special status or treatment, and not receiving incentive awards does not remove or lower status. Student thesis proposal or final defense will still be evaluated based on the merit of the work as determined by the dissertation committee, and not based on how many awards a student has obtained.

Note for CS faculty members:

Faculty advisor/co-author is required to validate the information entered by the student.

We recognize there are some drawbacks to any system, including this one. A publication in a CS ranking venue does not necessarily mean the research has a high impact; only that peers in the community have recognized the paper as having substantial novelty and potential for future impact in the given area. CS faculty members are encouraged to publish in the most visible and impactful venues of their research area, regardless of their inclusion in CS rankings. Some newer conferences, new areas, or inter-area conferences, may not be represented in CS ranking. Some student co-authors may have contributed equally with the first author, but given the limited staff support and funding, in the current iteration, only the first authors will be awarded.