The following software engineering areas will be presented in class presentations.

The papers will be chosen from the following conferences and journals: The following presents the assignments of research paper areas to each student.
Student Name Research Paper Area Presentation Date
Alex Hertz Requirements and Specifications 4/8/09
Steven Monetti Design 4/8/09
Francisco Mendoza Design 4/8/09
Sarah Buchanan Implementation and Integration 4/8/09
Phil Sowden Maintenance 4/13/09
Cynthia Atherton Maintenance 4/13/09
Michelle Fox Testing 4/13/09
Leith Tussing Testing 4/13/09
Jeffrey Menchion Software Metrics and Configuration Management 4/15/09
Siu Lun Hong Software Engineering in agent systems 4/15/09
Abirami Mangai Software Engineering in networking 4/15/09
Meenakshi Lakshmikanthan Software Engineering in mobile computing 4/15/09