The following software engineering areas will be presented in class presentations.

The papers will be chosen from the following conferences and journals: The following presents the assignments of research paper areas to each student.
Student Name Research Paper Area Presentation Date
Steven Neubert Requirements and Specifications 11/12/08
Anusha Kotha Object-Oriented Analysis 11/14/08
Sean Williams Design 11/14/08
Joan Baldriche Design 11/14/08
Chris Johnson Implementation and Integration 11/19/08
Rakan Khraisha Maintenance 11/19/08
Yang Gao Yang Maintenance 11/19/08
Joshua Thompson Testing 11/21/08
Prabhavathi Kumarasamy Testing 11/21/08
Paul Varcholik Software Metrics and Configuration Management 11/21/08
Moises Benzaquen Software Engineering in agent systems 11/26/08
Pete Clements Software Engineering in networking 11/26/08
Charles Asanya Software Engineering in mobile computing 11/26/08