Tentative Class Schedule

The following is the tentative class schedule for this semester.
Date Lecture Topics Deliverables
8/24/04 Syllabus, Chapter 1
8/26/04 Chapters 2 and 3
8/31/04 Chapters 3 and 4
9/2/04 Class is cancelled due to hurricane Frances
9/7/04 Class is cancelled due to hurricane Frances
9/9/04 Chapters 4 and 5
9/14/04 Chapters 6 and 8
9/16/04 Chapters 9 and 10
9/21/04 Chapters 11 and 12
9/23/04 Chapters 13 and 14
9/28/04 Chapters 15 and 16
9/30/04 Mythical Man-Month Book Review
10/5/04 Exam I Review
10/7/04 Exam I (Chapters 1-6, 8-9)
10/12/04 Team Presentations Deliverables I: Concept of Operations, Project Management Plan, Software Requirements Specification, Test Plan
10/14/04 Team Presentations
10/19/04 UML Basics Homework I is assigned
10/21/04 Research Paper Presentations: Requirements and Specifications, OO Analysis, Design
10/26/04 Research Paper Presentations: Implementation and Integration, Maintenance, Testing
10/28/04 Research Paper Presentations: Testing, Software Metrics and Configuration Management, Software Engineering in agent systems
11/2/04 Team Presentations Deliverables II: High-level Design and Detailed Design
11/4/04 Team Presentations
11/9/04 Research Paper Presentations: Software Engineering in agent systems, Software Engineering in networking, Software Engineering in mobile computing Homework I DUE
11/11/04 Veteran's Day Holiday (NO CLASS!)
11/16/04 Research Paper Presentations: Software Engineering in mobile computing
11/18/04 Exam II Review Research Paper Reports Due
11/23/04 Exam II (textbook chapters 10-16 and mythical man-month book chapters 1-4, 7, 10-16 and 18)
11/25/04 Thanksgiving Holiday (NO CLASS!)
11/30/04 Team Presentations Final Deliverables: Test Results, User's Manual, Source Code, Build Instructions, Project Legacy, Final Presentation, Individual Lessons Learned
12/2/04 Teams Presentations and Project Demos :-)


All deliverables are required to be placed in the projet websites in the day they are due and hard copies need to be handed in to the instructor at the beginning of the class period.