The following software engineering areas will be presented in class presentations.

The papers will be chosen from the following conferences and journals: The following presents the assignments of research paper areas to each student.
Student Name Research Paper Area Presentation Date
Christopher Boice and Jonathan Carbone Requirements and Specifications 7/19/07
Matthew Catron and Kenneth Difiore OO Analysis 7/19/07
Christopher Dlugolinski and Angelina Gambo Design 7/19/07
Wendlin Steele and Heath Hensley Implementation and Integration 7/19/07
Christopher Hodges and Jonathan Howard Maintenance 7/19/07
Curtis Jones and Stephen Lander Testing 7/24/07
Christie Lo and Steven Monetti Software Metrics and Configuration Management 7/24/07
Trevor Mpoyo and Brian Oigarden Software Engineering in agent systems 7/24/07
Julio Ordonez and Rilind Shamku Software Engineering in networking 7/24/07