EEL5881 Software Engineering I

Templates for Project Artifacts

(subject to change weekly)

The requirements for software engineering documentation depend on the needs of each organization. For some organizations, industry standards must be followed. (For example, the IEEE has published several applicable standards and/or guidelines. These IEEE documents are available on-line via the UCF library.) For other organizations, in-house documentation requirements will be provided.

The following in-house templates were developed specifically for use in UCF Software Engineering courses. The goals for the template development were: (a) to facilitate teaching students about the types of activities that typically occur during the software engineering life cycle; and (b) to standardize the documentation for 1-semester small group projects.

NOTE: These artifacts are to be implemented as web pages. For each artifact, every link to a project file should be implemented as an HTML relative link.

Artifact Name and Link Template Last Modification Date
Individual Web pages Aug 15, 2000
Team Web pages Aug 15, 2000
Concept of Operations Aug 15, 2000
Software Requirements Specification Aug 15, 2000
Project Management Plan Aug 15, 2000
Project Management Report Aug 15, 2000
High-Level Design Aug 15, 2000
Detailed Design Aug 15, 2000
Test Plan Aug 15, 2000
Test Results Aug 15, 2000

User's Manual

Aug 15, 2000
Source code Aug 15, 2000
Build Instructions Aug 15, 2000
Project Legacy Aug 15, 2000
Final Presentation Oct 8, 1999
Individual Lessons Learned Aug 15, 2000


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