Team Project Assignments
Team No. Members Project
1 William Adkins
Jonathan Bennett 
Miguel Corona 
Katie Jurek 
David Moore 
Megan Postava 
Proposed own
2 Kaan Arikan
Adam Hollifield 
Robert Montalbano 
Shawn Morrison 
Cody Showers 
Franklin Yi 
Online survey app
3 Austin Alig
Brianne Canonico 
Montrel McCall 
Andrew Mendoza 
Tulio Troncoso 
Challenge your friends
4 Christopher Beier
Charles Fannin 
Mario Massad 
David Sierra 
Sevena Skeels 
Mitchell Taitano 
Smart navigation application
5 Elizabeth Anderson
Connor Boyle 
Charles Dorer 
Matthew Faller 
Julien Missial 
Valerie Rabon 
Proposed own
6 Melissa Holguin
Lance Lebanoff 
Logan Lebanoff 
Matthew Smith 
Kyle Urquhart 
Ryan Villaflores 
Music composer
7 Michael Chisolm
Raymond Cload 
Jonathan Coole 
Zachary Duckett 
Alexander Mena 
Seiji Uchiyama 
A mobile FPS game
8 Thomas Bergens
Nigel Carter 
Mathew Church 
Michelle Edwards 
Cindy Harn 
William Pearigen 
Secure password manager
9 Salim Andraos
Joseph Burfield 
James Choi 
Sachin Nayee 
Paul Perdue 
Carlos Pereda 
A learning weekly planner
10 Remo Guiterrez
Tyler Harbin-Giuntoli 
Horia Ionescu 
Ross Pape 
Michael Paulsen 
Adam Stack 
Proposed own
11 Brian Cook
Mathew Cross 
Jacob Duckett 
Han Ly 
Jose Rivera 
Brandon Workman 
The great race
12 Alex Berliner
Alan Birmaher 
Luis Duque 
Oscar Hedblad 
Christopher Kovaleski 
Jimmie Potts 
Challenge your friends
13 Jason Braswell
Darin Doria 
Alex Gordon 
Ivan Lugo 
Kyle Mera 
Pedro Poveda Quevedo 
Proposed own
14 Jonathan Carelli
Christopher Chaffin 
David Gundler 
James Luke 
Christopher Mccue 
Ethan Pitts 
Online health monitoring system
15 Lakshmidhar Chigurupati
Benjamin Kirksey 
Roman Larionov 
Ramses Mederos 
Michael Pittman 
Michael Wahlberg 
Movie/TV show tracker
16 Parbattie Balkaran
Evan Dorundo 
Michael Kirsche 
Clifford Rice 
Jason Tiller 
Ryan Zimmerman 
Smart navigation application
17 Nicholas Cinti
Krystal Folkes 
Tyler Logsdon 
Megan Loyd 
Charles Taylor 
Brian Vermillion 
Disaster management system

Project Templates

The project templates can be find here. Each project team is expected to follow the same template for their projects. The templates will be briefly discussed in the first week of recitations.

Possible Software Engineering Class Projects

Project 1: Online survey app (Android/iPhone)

A useful mobile app for generating profile of voters throughout the nation. The users have unique IDs (encrypted phone numbers) can create their profile such as their age, gender, education level and then share their opinions about the current issues, vote for candidates or view the results of the ongoing/completed surveys.

Project 2: Music composer (Android/iPhone/iPad)

A simple tool to create, play, and store the music of your own. For the beginners in composing, the system guides the users for the existing musical forms (e.g., rondo) according to their choice of the genres such as baroque, classical or pop music. The music created by the user can be shared with the friends or public. As a possible extension, users can have interactive help from other users.

Project 3: Tour planner (Android/iPhone/iPad)

The mobile app helps the tourists which do not have any or just some ideas about what to do in a city for a specific period of time. For instance, the tourist selects Miami as the city to explore, enters 5 days as the time to spend, and selects multiple types of attractions he/she likes from a list such as art museums, beaches and so on. The planner comes up with a visit plan considering the popularity of the attractions and time constraints, then it may work as a navigator and a guide.

Project 4: A mobile FPS game (Android/iPhone)

A 3D first-person-shooter (FPS) game which can be played online using smart phones. The game should have satisfying graphics for the mobile games and it should be fun to play. It can be played through the servers with random people or by forming a local area network.

Project 5: Advanced ticket finder

Allowing selection of more than one cities and airports at the same time, searching for more than 3 days before and after the selected date, narrowing the search according to user ratings may be some of the examples of such advanced functionalities. You should be able to create a sample database including some information for flights, car rentals, hotel reservations, movie/concert tickets and user ratings, then you should be able to write the web-applications works using this database. Please do not limit yourself with the examples given as new functionalities, but make sure you provide all the functionalities in a popular ticket finder application and the suggested new functionalities.

Project 6: Smart navigation application (Android/iPhone)

For this project, you are expected to create a mobile application that has the functionality to navigate through the shortest path for multiple destinations. The users of this application are able to plan their day easily using this application by entering the places that will be visited and the application should decide the best trip. Let us assume a user of this application plans to go to the university in the morning, have lunch by eating hamburger, go back to the university for the classes afternoon, go to gym when the classes end, go for dinner by eating pizza and go back to home at the end. If the user enters UCF, hamburger, UCF, gym, pizza and home address in order as the destinations, the application should find the shortest path of visiting all the places in order. In this example, there are multiple possible instances of hamburger, gym or pizza. You can use the Google Maps API for this project.

Project 7: Multiplayer soccer manager game

A soccer game combining the multiplayer feature, management and game play together in a simple and smart way may bring new challenges to the soccer manager games. You may develop the game as a desktop application or a mobile application. You are expected to implement most of the management functionalities such as transfers of soccer players among the teams, player trainings, finance (e.g. stadium benefits, contracts, merchandise), creating new young players regularly and any other common functionalities you see in almost all soccer manager games. For implementation of the soccer, you do not have to make the graphics, game play or artificial intelligence so realistic (do not need use 3D graphics) , try to make it simple and entertaining as much as possible. You are allowed to select another sport, providing the same functionalities mentioned above. For example you can develop a multiplayer baseball manager game instead of a soccer game.

Project 8: Secure password manager

In this project, you are expected to create a new secure password manager, where you can combine any multiple ways of storing the data securely. For instance, the password manager can combine the use of local desktop, smartphone, web-server all together to be easily accessible and secure. This project is flexible in this sense, but you are expected to find creative ways to store the passwords with security and make them easily-accessible through different devices, such as local computer and smart phones. The main functionalities of a password manager should be implemented. Master password (if necessary for security), adding/editing entries, encryption of passwords, categorizing the information, availability for using different fields (like URL, comments etc.), saving more than one databases are examples of the main functionalities. You can see an example (free to download) password manager at to see the main functionalities.

Project 9: A learning weekly planner

Weekly planner is a learning easy-to-use software for the users who want to plan their week easily and improve their choices. The users of this application are able enter their weekly schedule, see current state lof their schedules with different view choices or can put reminders for important events. The users can also select spare times that they are available for multiple suggestions. Furthermore, the users are able to rate their latest activities and the application always store the history of users in a database for later use. The main idea of learning here is deciding which activity the user may desire as activities for specific times. For example, based on the history of a user, the food choices of the user and day of the week, the application should come with a suggested place and food for lunch. The application should also compare the user with other users and find similar users. This feature helps for new suggestions available to the users. This is a very extendible software project, you are expected to find and add different smart functionalities and find the best methods to make the learning weekly planner intelligent.

Project 10: The great race (Android/iPhone)

An iphone or android game where the game master sets up the start and destination locations on the map. Two or more individuals/teams can play the game, each member of course has to carry around the smart phone with the GPS to see the map and where the destination is. The game must track the paths of the players, from the start of the game to the end, after which the paths the teams took can be erased. As in all racing games, the goal is to get from point A to point B, what makes this an interesting game/project, is that the teams can track each other since the iphone shows where everyone is located, and they use the phones to navigate to reach their final destination. The dots/pictures representing each player/team should have the team's name, picture... Whoever reaches the destination first, wins. This game is sort of like "adventure racing", long distance. The transportation (bikes, planes, automobiles...) options and what is allowed to use, is specified by the game master.

Project 11: Disaster management system

A disaster management system which is able to work offline with smart-phones. As an example use, the system should be able broadcast messages and monitor people through the smart-phones without the use of GSM in the case of a fire in a building.

Project 12: Project tracking software

A web application to monitor the statuses of the projects. The users should be able to enter their work times and progress on specific software projects and their versions. The users should be able to view the global view of the statuses, employees contribution and current assignments with various types of graphics such as pie charts, bar graphs and so on.

Project 13: MMORPG game on Linux (Linux)

A massively-multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) is one of the most popular game genres in the world. A huge number of players can interact via the game while each has a character with various actions. The server hosts the virtual world and stores the players actions and current statuses. The server and the game itself should run on Linux.

Project 14: Online health monitoring system

Doctors should be able to track their patients, while patients can connect to their doctors when needed. After doctors add the use times of drugs to the calendar of the patients, the patients should be reminded when they should have their pills or when they should go to hospital. The system can send an SMS to the patients as reminders. The system should allow doctors and patients to send messages to each other or optionally video chat.

Project 15: Healthy food app (Android/iPhone)

A mobile application for helping users to learn health facts about food products. The users should be able to view the scientific facts, read/write comments, and view ratings about a food before buying it. The application should have a barcode scanner and search functionalities with various options for finding specific products.

Project 16: Movie/TV show tracker

The software can be developed as a mobile application or as a website. The project should have a database of movies and TV shows. The clients should be able to select their favourite TV series, future movies or people such as directors and they should be reminded by the system about upcoming show or movie.

Project 17: Challenge your friends (Android/iPhone)

A mobile application for creating challenges and sharing challenges (such as the #IceBucketChallenge) with other people. The users should easily create challenges with rules, upload videos and share challenge with their friends. The global status of the challenge can be monitored by the users, the users can rate the videos/challengers and view the best challengers, most popular videos, and so on.

Project 18: Virtual classroom (Android/iPhone)

A virtual classroom software involving multiple components. The aim of the software is to connect the teachers with the students which have tablet computers and increase interactiveness during the classroom discussions. For instance, students can notify the teacher when they do not understand an equation in the board, by simply marking that equation using their tablets.