Team Project Assignments
Team No. Members Project
1 Guy Bean
Adam Buechler 
Wade Henderson 
Richard Jackley 
Kai Khy 
Amanda Rampersand 
21st Century Space Shooter
2 Brian Fields
Ronald Hanifen 
Timothy Marro 
Timothy Miller 
Eric Owen 
Nickolas Staggs 
Music Instrument Simulator
3 Kristjan Arumae
Chadwick Borgelin 
Brian Estes 
Junhao Liang 
Wandy Pierre 
Clayton Walker 
8-bit Game
4 Kevin Caulfield
Raynnel Dominguez 
Marcelo Doyley 
Samuel Goff 
Robert Hernandez 
Bradley Streu 
8-bit Game
5 Dennis Figueras
Omar Garcia 
John Gilmore 
Christina Leichtenchlag 
Joey Yuen 
Michael Zellars 
Phone Pet
6 Colton Bieker
Matthew Egan 
Gerardo Franco 
Zaida Gonzalez 
Nitin Kundra 
Josiah Wong 
Tower Defense
7 Matthew Bald
Joshua Barnett 
Ronald Hyatt 
Rachel Kinner 
Vincenzo Marconi 
Brian McCormick 
Recipe Finder
8 Yasser Itani
Daniel Moore 
Christina Peterson 
Alla Petrakova 
Luis Sosa 
Egan Wall 
Flash card (proposed own)
9 Kevin Anderson
Andrew Barrington 
John Gibison 
Robert Gomez 
Anthony Lucchi 
Steven McConnon 
Alcohol app (proposed own)
10 Tyler Brazill
Leah Fortier 
Joshua Linge 
Jessica May 
Maxwell Miller 
Jeb Ralston 
Pokemon (proposed own)
11 John Bell
Zachary Easey 
Branden Kroske 
Daniel Siebert 
Blake Tattoli 
Metroidvania (proposed own)
12 Brandon Berk
Kevin Chau 
Richard Landau 
William Oden 
Christopher Walls 
Bryan Wilder 
SpaceTime (proposed own)
13 Benjamin Biglari
Gabriel Hotchner 
Blake Klasing 
Mario Lopez 
Nathan Ratliff 
Cameron Riesen 
Advanced Task Scheduler
14 Henry Wi Wong Chan
Justin Hwang 
Edward Jones 
Aaron Low 
Nikita Ovsiannikov 
Ruben Villegas 
Campus Map (proposed own)
15 Jeffery Biggers
Elso Caponi 
Dane Jung 
Roxane Pasquier 
Jonathan Thomas 
Richard Velez 
Impossible (proposed own)
16 Will Bahnmiller
Craig Camacho 
Erwin Holzhauser 
Edward Lyons 
Jacob Millsaps 
Jackson Ritchey 
Post Apocalyptic World Game
17 Sarah Bokunic
Reginald Fergerson  
Brandon Jones 
Aaron Kost 
Charles Speed 
Bret Wood 
Tower Defense
18 Edgar Flores
Nirav Kotadia 
Reyes Leon-Glass 
Ali Mizan 
Jonathan Ramirez 
Ismael Rivera 
Discount Finder
19 Eric Bousquet
Clinton Cummins 
Dylan Curley 
Jose Davila 
Kenneth Figueredo 
Justin Helmick 
21st Century Space Shooter
20 Marlena Brammer
Eric Clack 
Andrew Mendez 
Sarah Myhre 
Hector Roldan 
Alfredo Uribe 
Pocket Monsters (proposed own)

Project Templates

The project templates can be find here. Each project team is expected to follow the same template for their projects. The templates will be briefly discussed in the first week of recitations.

Possible Software Engineering Class Projects

Project 1: 8-bit Action/Adventure/Role Playing Game

A fairly recent trend is "retro" looking video games and have simpler graphics and focus more on gameplay. In the genre of your choice, design an 8-bit game that has multiple features; such as leveling up, character personalization, items, powerups, etc.

Project 2: 21st Century Space Shooter Game

Take a basic and simple game like Asteroids, Galaga, or Space Invaders and revamp it for the 21st century! Anything from graphical improvements, game play improvements, or additions to the game are places to start.

Project 3: Connect 4 Game (Android/iPhone)

Simple implementation of the classic game. Allow for "hot seat" style play where two players can go head to head using one phone, invite your friends to play a game from their own phone, a feature to play against random players, and possibly an AI opponent.

Project 4: Tower Defense Game

Everyone has heard of tower defense games, but now is your chance to make one! The sky is the limit on this one.

Project 5: Discount finder

Create an application or website that takes in the user's location and generates a list of discounts (Groupon, standard coupons) in an area around them. Users should be able to change the distance from themselves they are searching for as well as different categories of discounts they are looking for.

Project 6: Post Apocalyptic World Game (Android/iPhone)

Players begin by creating their characters and being placed into this post apocalyptic world where they need to move around in the real world (while being tracked by GPS) in order to survive in the virtual one. Randomly generated encounters such as food, zombies, etc can be placed to help or hinder players. Encountering another player of the game increases your chance of survival but you now have to share! Lots of room for creativity.

Project 7: Classroom Tool (Android/iPhone)

Design a system where an instructor for a class can log into a website and have their students "enroll" in their virtual classroom using their smart devices (iPad/smart phones). During class students can ask questions of the instructor and the instructor can pose questions (similar to using a clicker) to see if students understood the material. Outside of class students can use chat features to meet up with other students or organize study groups.

Project 8: Phone-Pet (Android/iPhone/iPad)

Make a virtual pet for a phone or other handheld device. Pets should require food and attention every few hours. There should be some level of customization for pets as well.

Project 9: Identifier (Android/iPhone)

Users should be able to take a picture of an animal (or plant possibly) and the application should decide not only what type of animal it is but also what breed it is. Is too broad of a topic, you may limit it just to one species of animal. For example a way to identify snakes apart in order to determine which are poisonous and which aren't.

Project 10: Food Chooser

Sometimes people in groups can't make up their minds about what they want to eat. This application will help them make up their minds while hopefully introducing them to new places they have never been to. Users should be able to search within a set distance around their current location, should be able to omit certain types of cuisines (Chinese, Indian, etc), search for certain foods (burgers, sushi, etc), and there should be some kind of user driven rating within the application to push good options ahead of other ones.

Project 11: Recipe finder

Create an application or website that takes in a list of ingredients and returns a list of recipes that use those ingredients. There should also be options to omit certain ingredients from returning from a search, for example if someone is allergic to nuts there should be an option to take that into consideration. Also, users should be able to search for additional things such as number of servings per meal, cooking time, etc.

Project 12: Musical instrument simulation: Piano

A 3d visualization of a full piano, with pedals and all, controllable/playable using a PC keyboard. Has to represent visually the pressing of keys and pedals when used with a keyboard. Another complex musical instrument can be suggested by the student.

Project 13: Online barter system (Android/iPhone/iPad)

An online EBay style system, but for bartering. The way barter-agreement/protocol works is as follows: Person A posts an item for a trade, but the offers person B,C...Z make are not higher and higher price offers, but other items or lists of items. There is a Buy_Now button when the list of items the seller wants is matched by the list of items the buyer offers. Until then the buyers simply make item offers, and the seller has looks at the offers and decides which he might accept. Every time a new offer is made, the seller gets alerts, bonus features are welcomed. The main point though is that it is a bartering system rather than an auction.

Project 14: Online Ping Pong with Chat, Ranking, and match setup

A multiplayer ping pong game. This game has to support a chatroom, and automated matching setting system, and a multiplayer support (2+ player, for example 5 players would play in a pentagon room), each one controlling his own paddle movable left and right in his own section. Scoring setup has to be decided on by the creator, either computer or mobile version is welcome.

Project 15: Landing Simulator App. (Android/iPhone/iPad)

The goal of the game is to launch a rocket from planet A and land it vertically on planet B. The simulation is 2d, this will require physics simulation (primarily pole balancing style, pivot simulation, it's just a few equations). The visualization is 2d, the rocket is launched, and the player uses left/right keys (fin control) to keep the rocket balanced while controlling throttle (F = MA equation). The left right controls the fins of the rocket, the player has to take the rocket (while keeping in mind the fuel consumption) from planet A to B, the landing is done vertically, hence the balance importance, where the thruster is pointing downwards for successful landing, with significant deviations of the tip unbalances the rocket resulting in the rocket flipping. Scoring is based on how smoothly the rocket lands, the amount of fuel used.

Project 16: Light Cycle Racing App. (Android/iPhone/iPad)

A phone app 2d or 3d game version of the light cycle racing from TRON, the controls are strictly left and right by pivoting the phone (thus using the gyro of the phone is important). Some ideas can be acquired by referencing the game called: Armagetron The game has to support single player (vs computer) and multiplayer.

Project 17: Advanced Task Scheduler and Reminder (Android/iPhone/iPad)

A task scheduler that allows for the user to write down tasks to do in the future and their importance. The scheduler then would present these items graphically, highlight the upcoming and more important tasks, send the user messages/updates/reminders when something is due soon. Get creative, make the scheduler useful, one that really helps and keeps the person on schedule and on task in a hectic environment.

Project 18: Auction Website

An auction site, with two types of accounts, buyer and seller. People can put up things for an auction, upload pictures, descriptions, use buy-now and timers. There should be a global forum, showing the sold items. This should be an ebay clone, with some new an innovative features which ebay does not yet have.

Project 19: Adaptive Firewall (Intrusion countermeasure electronics)

Implement a simple firewall which uses Bayesian networks to adapt to new incoming threats. It should have graphical user interface.

Project 20: Stock information sharing website

Create a website that allows user to discuss their viewpoints on various stocks trading on stock exchanges. The users should be able to share their portfolio for others to view. The website should be able to track the portfolio performance of users and rank them.

Project 21: Shopping Planner

Develop a website where you can give a list of all the items that you intend to buy. It can suggest all nearest places where you can get the things on your list with the most affordable prices. Based on the pricing information, the system can provide an optimal route to cover the least distance while visiting all locations.

Project 22: Conference submission scheduler

Conferences are critical for researchers to publish their work and to share ideas with colleagues. Therefore it’s very important to know the time, location and other details of the interested conferences. This program must create the best schedule for a researcher to participate in different conferences. Microsoft Academic Search ( provides “Call for Paper” (CFP) calendar. This is a visualization tool, presenting the timeline and map views for conferences in more than 20 research domains. The scheduler program can use this information to plan the submission and travel times of a researcher so that he/she can attend the maximum possible number of conferences. The h-index value of the conferences (which is also provided in Microsoft Academic Search) can also be used to make decisions on which conference to attend.