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Professor Shibu Yooseph
Department of Computer Science
University of Central Florida

Office: Biological Sciences (133A)
Email: SHIBU dot YOOSEPH at UCF dot EDU
Phone: 407 823 5307

Shibu Yooseph

Dr. Shibu Yooseph is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Central Florida. He is also the Cluster Lead for the Genomics and Bioinformatics Faculty Research Cluster. He has a Secondary Joint Appointment in the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences. Dr. Yooseph’s primary research is in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, with a focus on the design and development of efficient algorithms for large-scale biological data analysis. His research is interdisciplinary, involving applications and collaborations in the fields of computing, genomics, microbiology, environmental research and biomedical sciences. (Brief Bio)


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We have recently developed a Minor Program in Genomics and Bioinformatics. More information can be found here.

Mailing Address:
College of Engineering and Computer Science, Harris Engineering, P.O. Box 162362, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL 32816