SGN: A Semantic Network of Related Concepts

This semantic network links 7,662 of the most frequently occurring nouns in a large corpus (Wikipedia) to their semantically related concepts in WordNet 3.0. It contains 208,832 undirected edges, relating a total of 25,142 nouns, with 38,249 distinct concepts (word senses) among them. The process by which the network was automatically constructed is detailed in the references below. The expansion and refinement of the network is the subject of our ongoing research. Please feel free to contact Sean Szumlanski with questions or general discussion regarding this work.

Download & Licence
sgn-2.0.tar.gz (2.2 MB, Nov. 7, 2012). This data is available for research purposes and is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License. When citing this work, please use the CIKM reference, [1], listed below.

[2] S. Szumlanski and F. Gomez. 2011. Evaluating a Semantic Network Automatically Constructed from Lexical Co-occurrence on a Word Sense Disambiguation Task.
CoNLL '11. pp. 190—199.  [Download: PDF]

S. Szumlanski and F. Gomez. 2010. Automatically Acquiring a Semantic Network of Related Concepts. CIKM '10. pp. 19—28.  [Download: PDF]

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