CAP 4720 - Computer Graphics (Fall 2016)

Instructor: Neslisah Torosdagli

Class time: Tuesday/Thursday 6:00pm to 7:15pm
Class location: HEC#117
Office hours: Monday and Wednesday: 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM at HEC#213,
                       Right after class,
                       By appointment.



Course Goals

This course will provide an introduction to computer graphics for students who wish to learn the basic principles and techniques of the field and want to write applications themselves. The students will learn graphics programming to create synthetic images/visuals.


Required Programming Background

The course is heavily development oriented. You will learn theory of concepts and then, we will apply those theories in assignments. In this class, you will be programming in HTML, JavaScript, WebGL and Three.JS.


Given below is a tentative list of topics to be covered during the course. These topics are to be viewed as general guidelines. The list is not final and will be adjusted as necessary.

Resources for the class


The progress of the student will be evaluated through regular assignments, and exams.
Total Points : 100 A Rough Guideline for Points to grade conversion:

Lecture Notes

Please check WebCourses@UCF


Please check WebCourses@UCF