CAP6412: Advanced Computer Vision - Spring 2007

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Mon. and Wed. 4:30PM - 5:45PM ENG3-0118

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A link to the tentative list of papers can be found here

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Assignment 2

For this project, you have two options. This project will be due April 16th. Please let me know which option you will choose by April 1st.


Write a problem set with three problems. Each of the problems should be mathematical in nature and should reinforce an important concept from one of the papers we have written. You should *not* be able to solve any of the problems by simply copying equations from the papers. Examples of acceptable problems would be a derivation that is skipped in the paper or rexpressing a derivation in a different way. You should also turn in solutions to each of the problems.


Implement the Spatial-Pyramid Match Kernel. Test it on several object categories from CalTech-101. Note that this project will be much easier to implement if you use code available at: I can help with getting libSVM or SVMlight up and running for the classification.

Assignment 1

Implement: All in all, you will implement two detectors. Write a brief report comparing the two and describing what tweaking or magic numbers you had to put in to make it work.

Due Date: Wed, Feb 28, 2007

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