Current Research

My current research is on Blockchain technlogy. In particular, my work spans blockchain applications, their attack surface, and their consensus protocols.


    Muhammad Saad, Laurent Njilla, Charles Kamhoua, and Aziz Mohaisen, "Countering Selfish Mining in Blockchains". International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communication (ICNC 2019) Honolulu, HI, USA. Details PDF

    Ashar Ahmad, Muhammad Saad, Mostafa Bassiouni, and Aziz Mohaisen, "Towards Blockchain Driven Secure and Transparent Audit Logs". International Workshop on Distributed Ledger of Things (DLoT) in conjunction with MobiQuitous 2018 New York City, United States, November 5-7, 2018. (Best Paper Award) Details PDF

    Muhammad Saad, Aminollah Khormali, and Aziz Mohaisen, "End to End Analysis of In-Browser Cryptojackings=" ArXiv 2018 Details PDF

    Muhammad Saad and Aziz Mohaisen, "Towards Characterizing Blockchain-based Cryptocurrencies for Highly-Accurate Predictions". International Workshop on Hot Topics in Pervasive Mobile and Online Social Networking, HotPOST 2018 (in conjunction with IEEE INFOCOM 2018 ), Honolulu, USA, April 16, 2018. Details PDF

    Muhammad Saad, My T. Thai, and Aziz Mohaisen, "POSTER: Deterring DDoS Attacks on Blockchain-based Cryptocurrencies through Mempool Optimization". 13th ACM ASIA Conference on Information, Computer and Communications Security, ASIACCS 2018 Incheon, Korea, 4-8 June 2018. Details PDF

News and Updates

    November 2018: Presented our work on blockchain-based audit logs at DLoT 2018. Won best paper award Details

    June 2018: Mentoring 80 k-12 students for a security summer camp via Camp Connect Details