Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science


The quality-of-service (QoS) provided by a network typically refers to the performance yeild of the lower layers of the protocol stack such as network, data link, and physical layers. However, end-to-end issues involve performance optimizations at the higher protocol layers. Though not part of the protocol stack, the human (end user) using the network and deriving services can also play a critical role in deciding and manipulating the desired level of QoS. Thus, human play important roles in QoS aquisition and QoS distribution.

"QoS Dashboard" is a visual representation of data that is hidden behind the manipulation on QoS. The latest dashboards can acquire data from a variety of sources, filter that data, perform complex mathematical or statistical operations, transform the results to a variety of formats, and display the outcomes in any of a myriad of graphical layouts. The researches in NetMoC Lab focus on the QoS rationing in specific emergency situations, e.g., warfare, disaster recovery, and provide technical sulotions on QoS representation, QoS management, human-network interface as well as smart algorithm design to implement QoS Dashboard.

Faculty: Mainak Chatterjee
Students: Shamik Sengupta, Wenjing Wang

University of Central Florida