Computing Writer's Workshop Announcement: Spring 2004

Writing your thesis proposal or a paper for a conference? Writing your thesis? Interested in making your papers clearer? Want to learn how to referee papers for conferences and journals in computing? Then you may be interested in joining us for a "writer's workshop" this coming Spring semester.


A writer's workshop is a group of people that meets periodically to offer each other constructive criticism on their writing. Many writers recommend this practice as a way to foster better writing skills. See for more information.


The workshop will meet once per week; if there are enough students we will split the workshop, and I or another facilitator will help help us.

In the meetings we will discuss papers offered by participants, and read beforehand. We will start out with a few meetings where we discuss background topics such as:

Time permitting, there will be an exercise in refereeing as well. After this you will start to act as a writer's workshop.

In the workshop each participant must:

This is a serious commitment of time, and it is not proper to simply show up when you are interested or have time. To enforce this, I will require everyone to be signed up for one credit, and will take attendance. However, you will get a lot out of both having your papers read and criticized and learning to critically read other papers. That is, the major input comes from you, the participants, not from me; I will try to mostly just facilitate the discusssion.


You must be a graduate student in Computer Science.

What To Do To Join

To join the seminar, please do the following

  1. Send me e-mail with your schedule, so we can can schedule the first meeting and put you on a mailing list,
  2. sign up for Com S 610 WW for 1 credit

The meetings will take place once a week, for 50 minutes, during Spring Semester. Watch for e-mail about the first meeting at the beginning of the semester.

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