Thoughts on Religion


Pastor's definition of a mathematician: someone who thinks that John 3:16 means that love is God.

A Misleading Word

A pastor and a botanist are sitting next to each other on a long airplane flight. The pastor is reading his Bible, and the botanist is reading some reprints of the latest scientific journal. When the meal comes, they start to talk a bit.

``What do you do for a living?'' says the pastor.

``I'm a botanist, and you?''

``I'm a pastor.''

``Ah, I saw you were reading your Bible there,'' says the botanist. ``You know, as a scientist, one thing that always puzzled me was that bit in the New Testament, when Jesus says that `the mustard seed is the smallest seed'. I guess he didn't know much botany.''

The pastor is a bit pained by this, and he's heard this one before. ``Well, although some Christians believe that `every word of the Bible is the literal truth' and that `the Bible the inspired word of God', even most fundamentalists don't worry about such little details. Myself, I take the Bible as a truth that goes beyond literal truth.''

``Sorry, I didn't mean anything by it,'' says the botanist, seeing that he's touched a bit of a nerve.

``No problem,'' says the pastor.

They both went back to eating in silence. Now, what were they thinking?

The scientist was thinking: ``It just doesn't make any sense. What truth is there besides literal truth?''

And the pastor? The pastor was thinking: ``It just doesn't make any sense. Why did God create those other seeds?''

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