Larch/C++ Reference Manual

DRAFT, $Revision: 5.41 $

12 April 1999

by Gary T. Leavens


See section B Bibliography, for details on references to the literature, cited in this manual.


Currently the semantics are stated informally. We will eventually give a more formal semantics to Larch/C++, but as with any large design project, there are benefits to sketching the design informally first. This is similar to the idea of designing a program before coding it. In the case of Larch/C++, the size and complexity of C++ make this approach imperative.


Although the C++ standard does not define the effect of modifying a string-literal, it does state that the type is not an array of constant char objects (const char[]), but just "array of char", i.e., char [].


Thanks to Chalin for several discussions about this point.


Thanks to Rustan Leino, Mark Vandevoorde, Dave Detlefs, Yang Meng Tan, and Patrice Chalin for a series of personal communications about the semantics of trashed.


Thanks to Peter Mueller for a discussion on this point, and for bringing [Poetzsch-Heffter97] to my attention.


Personal communication, J. Smith.

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