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1.4.1 Obtaining and Installing the Larch/C++ Release

To install the checker for Larch/C++ you will need a C++ compiler. The current release has been tested with the GNU g++ compiler under HP-UX 10.20, RedHat Linux 5.1, and Windows 98 under DJGPP. Older versions have been ported to other flavors of Linux, Sun OS (version 4), Solaris 5.3, and Ultrix with AT&T C++ 3.0, SparcWorks CC 3.0. (We are interested in other ports; let us know if you port it somewhere else.) If you do not have a C++ compiler, you can still get the release for the manual and the examples, but you will not be able to check any examples you write.

If you want to use Windows 95, Windows NT, or some similar system, instead of following the steps below, you can get a version of Larch/C++ with pre-compiled executables by getting `LCPPWin.5.14.zip' by anonymous ftp using the following URL.


Then unzip the files, and read the `README' file. This works under DJGPP, and has been tested under Windows '95. It should certainly work under Windows NT. It should work to some extent under MS-DOS, but because that system does not support long file names, you may have problems. It's unclear to what extent it will work under OS/2.

For Unix systems, you can get the current beta-test release of Larch/C++ by following the steps below.

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