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Group ecb-history

This group contains the following options:

clear-history-behavior User Option
The entries of the history buffer to delete with `ecb-clear-history' Three options are available:
  • not-existing-buffers: All entries which represent a buffer-name not existing anymore in the buffer-list will be cleared. Probably the most senseful value.
  • existing-buffers: The opposite of 'not-existing-buffers.
  • all: The whole history will be cleared.

history-buffer-after-create-hook User Option
Local hook running after the creation of the history-buffer. Every function of this hook is called once without arguments direct after creating the history-buffer of ECB and it's local key-map. So for example a function could be added which performs calls of local-set-key to define new keybindings only for the history-buffer of ECB.

history-buffer-name User Option
Name of the ECB history buffer. Because it is not a normal buffer for editing you should enclose the name with stars, e.g. "*ECB History*".

If it is necessary for you you can get emacs-lisp access to the buffer-object of the ECB-history-buffer by this name, e.g. by a call of set-buffer.

Changes for this option at runtime will take affect only after deactivating and then activating ECB again!

history-item-name User Option
The name to use for items in the history buffer.

history-menu-sorter User Option
Function which re-sorts the menu-entries of the directories buffer.

If a function then this function is called to sort the menu-entries of the combined menu-entries of the user-menu-extensions of ecb-history-menu-user-extension and the built-in-menu ecb-history-menu. If nil then no special sorting will be done and the user-extensions are placed in front of the built-in-entries.

For the guidelines for such a sorter-function see ecb-directories-menu-sorter.

history-menu-user-extension User Option
User extensions for the popup-menu of the history buffer.

For further explanations see ecb-directories-menu-user-extension.

The node-argument of a menu-function contains as data the filename of the source for which the popup-menu has been opened.

Per default the user-extensions are added at the beginning of the built-in menu-entries of ecb-history-menu but the whole menu can be re-arranged with ecb-history-menu-sorter.

If you change this option you have to restart ECB to take effect.

kill-buffer-clears-history User Option
Define if kill-buffer should also clear the history. There are three options:
  • auto: Removes automatically the corresponding history-entry after the buffer has been killed.
  • ask: Asks, if the history-entry should be removed after the kill.
  • nil: kill-buffer does not affect the history (this is the default).

sort-history-items User Option
Sorts the items in the history buffer.