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Group ecb-eshell

This group contains the following options:

eshell-auto-activate User Option
Startup the eshell and display it in the compile-window. If current layout does not display a compile-window (see ecb-compile-window-height) then nothing is done.

eshell-enlarge-when-eshell User Option
Enlarge the compile-window if it is selected by eshell. This takes only effect if the command eshell is called!

eshell-fit-window-to-command-output User Option
Fit the compile-window after an eshell-command to the output. This is done by the function ecb-eshell-fit-window-to-output which is added to eshell-post-command-hook ie. which is running autom. after each eshell-command.

eshell-synchronize User Option
Synchronize eshell with the default-directory of current source-buffer. The synchronization is done by ecb-eshell-current-buffer-sync which can be called interactively but normally it is called autom. by the ecb-current-buffer-sync-hook.