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Submitting a problem report

If you run into problems with ECB you should first take a look into

If your problem(s) still remain you can/should send a problem report to the ECB mailing list ECB offers you a command which does all necessary for you to send a problem report. Just call ecb-submit-problem-report! Please read the documentation of this command, see Interactive ECB commands.

This command creates a problem-report buffer for you. After that you get a menu "Mail" (dependent on the mail-package used, the menu can have a different name) with commands to send the problem report. But for this the variable mail-user-agent must be configured right for your system. If you canīt get working this mechanism you can simply copy the whole problem-report buffer after filling it out and sending it with your standard mail-client to!

Please read also the documentation of the option ecb-debug-mode and switch on the debug mode of ECB (also available in the Help-menu of ECB!) before submitting a problem-report!