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Rebuilding the Methods-buffer

In almost all cases there is NO need to manually rebuild the method-buffer, because it is always done automatically if necessary; the mechanism depends on the sources:

Besides for etags-supported non-semantic-sources there exist a few rare scenarios also for the other sources where a complete manual rebuild can be necessary. Here is one example:

Depending on the semantic-version: If an Elisp-file is parsed which contains a defun X in the middle where the closing ) is missing, then semantic parses only until this defun X is reached and you will get an incomplete ECB-method buffer. In such a case you must complete the defun X and then completely reparse the Elisp-file and rebuild the ECB method buffer!

A complete manually rebuild is done by ecb-rebuild-methods-buffer. For etags-parsed non-semantic-sources this causes an automatic saving of the source-buffer because otherwise etags would not operate with the latest contents!