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Optimize scrolling in the edit-window

Emacs 20.X seems to slow down scrolling if there is a horizontal split in the frame and/or a lot of overlays in the buffer which is scrolled. This is independent of ECB! But because almost all layouts of ECB uses horizontal splits of the frame and because ECB is based on semantic which uses overlays intensively there can be poor scrolling performance in large buffers, especially with java-buffers in jde-mode.

This scrolling performance can be increased a lot if the options scroll-conservatively and scroll-step are set appropriately: The former one should have a value of 0 during ECB is active and the latter one a value of either 0 or > 1 (the exact value depends on the power of your machine).

As far as we know this is not a problem of Emacs 21.X or XEmacs. With these versions of Emacs there should be no scrolling problem even with scroll-step has value 1.