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Incremental search for a node in current tree-buffer

Each display-able key (e.g. all keys normally bound to self-insert-command) is appended to the current search-pattern. The tree-buffer tries to jump to the first node which matching the current search-pattern either as substring or as prefix (see below). If no match is found then nothing is done. There are some special keys:

For better overlooking the current search-pattern is shown in the echo area. After selecting a node with RET the search-pattern is cleared out. With ecb-tree-incremental-search you can specify if the current search-pattern must be a real prefix of the node (default) or if any substring is matched.

For faster and easier finding the right node in a ecb-window the incremental search ignores the following non interesting stuff:

This means: Just type in the prefix (rsp. a substring) of a class-, variable-, method-, directory- or filename and ECB will bring you as fast as possible to the node you want. Incremental node-search uses the value of case-fold-search.

Tip: The ecb-minor-mode offers you in the ecb-mode-map (customizable via ecb-key-map) some keys for selecting every window of the ecb-frame. This makes window-selection a childīs play. For example you can jump into the method-window by hitting C-c . gm.