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First steps after activating ECB first time

This section of the ECB online-help is displayed automatically by ECB after activating ECB first time and describes what are the first basic steps:

  1. Configure where ECB can find your sources:

    Call M-x customize-option RET ecb-source-path RET1. This lets you customize the option ecb-source-path with the customize-feature of Emacs. This opens a customize-buffer where you can insert all the directories where ECB can find your source-files. Save your changes with the button "Save for future sessions" and then throw away this customize-buffer either by killing it with M-x kill-buffer or clicking at the button "Finish".

  2. Read the online-help of ECB:

    The online-help of ECB is available via

    (The section you are currently reading is part of the online-help of ECB)

  3. Start working with ECB.


  1. This means first hitting the keys M (Meta- or Alt-key) and x simultaneously, inserting ``customize-option'' in the minibuffer, hitting RETURN, inserting ``ecb-source-path'' in the minibuffer and finally hitting RETURN again