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Explicit and automatic expanding of the ECB-methods-buffer

Explicit expanding to a certain expanding level

With the command ecb-expand-methods-nodes (bound to C-c . x) you can get a fast overlook of the contents of the source-buffer, because this command allows precisely expanding tokens with a certain indentation-level. So you can either expand no tokens (or with other words collapse all tokens) or expand all tokens so see the contents of a buffer at one glance. Or you can expand exactly that tokens of a certain indentation level.

Which node-types are expanded (rsp. collapsed) by this command depends for semantic-sources on the options ecb-methods-nodes-expand-spec and ecb-methods-nodes-collapse-spec! For non-semantic-sources always all node-types are expanded/collapsed, i.e. the two options above takes no effect for these files.

Automatic expanding the ECB-methods-buffer

If the option ecb-highlight-token-with-point is switched on, then then always that node in the method-buffer is highlighted which belongs to the current semantic-token under point in the edit-window. But if this node is invisible (probably because its parent node is collapsed) then no node is highlighted if the auto. expanding feature is switched off.

You can either switch on this feature with the option ecb-auto-expand-token-tree or even easier with the command ecb-toggle-auto-expand-token-tree.

There is another option ecb-expand-methods-switch-off-auto-expand which makes both explicit and auto. expanding best working together. See the documentation of this option to get the details.

The autom. expanding feature is only available for semantic-sources!