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Changing faces in the ECB tree-buffers

There are two basic faces:

With these faces you can change the basic attributes easily and fast for ALL ECB-tree-buffers. But you are also able to display each ECB-tree-buffer with different faces, see the different options for every tree-buffer mentioned above.

Please note (only for XEmacs users): Cause of the lack of the font-inheritance feature using ONE other font for the ECB-methods buffer can NOT be achieved just by setting ecb-methods-general-face to ecb-default-general-face and changing the font of this default face. In addition you have to set the same font also for the face ecb-bucket-token-face like in the following example:

(defconst my-ecb-font
(set-face-font 'ecb-default-general-face my-ecb-font)
(set-face-font 'ecb-bucket-token-face my-ecb-font)

This code sets the new defined font my-ecb-font as font for all1 ECB-tree-buffers (incl. the methods buffer).


  1. Of course ecb-directories-general-face, ecb-sources-general-face, ecb-methods-general-face and ecb-history-general-face must be set to ecb-default-general-face!