Academic Genealogy of Gary T. Leavens

As a bit of fun, with the help of comments from Barbara Liskov and web searching by Yan-Bin Jia, I've pieced together my academic genealogy. This traces my academic lineage back through the line of Ph.D. dissertation supervisors. See also the Software Engineering Academic Genalogy site of Tao Xie.

Supervisors of supervisors

My Ph.D. dissertation advisor was William E. Weihl, who was at MIT at the time. He was in turn supervised by Barbara Liskov, who was a professor at MIT and who won the ACM Turing Award. Her Ph.D. dissertation advisor was John McCarthy, at Stanford, who also won the ACM Turing Award. His supervisor was Solomon Lefschetz, a mathematician.

From there you can trace back the genealogy all the way back past Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann and his supervisor, Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss, using the help of research done by Bruce Randall Donald at the URL

My Ph.D. Students

See my students web page for the students I have (co-)supervised.

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