Workshop at
FSE-18 2010
November 12, 2010

The ninth workshop on specification and verification of component-based systems is affiliated with FSE-18 and will be held in Santa-Fe, New Mexico, USA, on November 12, 2010. Eight page papers are due on September 3, 2010 September 10, 2010.. Details on paper submission follow a general description of the workshop below.

Themes and Topics of Interest

The goal of SAVCBS is to focus on the use of formal techniques for the specification and verification of large-scale systems. Particular emphasis will be placed on modular specification techniques and on modular and scalable verification techniques. The workshop will consider formalization of both functional and non-functional behavior (such as performance or reliability). Suggested research topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

Submissions should outline the current state of research or practice, describe the most pressing shortcomings, and formulate goals for future development.

Challenge Problem

One session during the workshop will be devoted to presenting solutions (full or partial) to a challenge problem. This problem presents features that pose difficulties for current specification technologies. The session will be open both to presenters as well as participants of the workshop. Details on the challenge problem are posted at Solutions should illustrate innovative features of specification or verification as they pertain to this particular problem.


Invitation to the workshop will be based on accepted position papers. An ideal position paper would identify new research topics, areas, or problems related to component-based software engineering. It should address the following questions.

Important dates
        Paper submission deadline: September 3, 2010 September 10, 2010
        Notification date: October 4, 2010
        Final versions: November 1, 2010
        Workshop: November 12, 2010

Submissions must not exceed 8 pages. We encourage, but do not require, use of the ACM Conference format. We also suggest that you add page numbers to your submission, to make adding comments easier. Papers will be accepted in PDF or Postscript format. Papers will be submitted on-line at We are considering to invite best papers for submission to a journal special issue.

We will notify authors that are selected for presentation to the workshop by October 4th, 2010. Some authors will be invited to attend but not to present their work formally, and others may have short presentations. We may also have a poster session for authors not invited to present their work formally. The final versions of papers for invited authors will be due on November 1st, 2010.

Best papers may be invited for submission to a special issue of a journal.

For more information, visit

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